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the person who i thought was my best friend suddenly hates me, and has deleted me off everything. my pop just died. my fiance and me aren’t doing good with working things out. and i’m never coming back again. you won’t ever see me again. don’t bother texting; i won’t be able to answer where i’m going.

I feel like I’m going to be sick. I feel guilty, even though I have no idea what it is I’m supposed to be feeling guilty about. I’m so lonely.

Anonymous said: aw. i read your submission on catporn. may I ask, why did you put your cat down ?

It had feline infectious peritonitis. A deadly disease that was going to kill it. If you look on my blog, you’ll see a picture of him on his last day.

Charlie was worried about his grandson. Parker was the only grandchild that he had, as his other son was firmly homosexual and of the opinion that he never wanted children, ever. But wasn’t only his protective nature, and the fact that Parker was all he had, that was causing Charlie’s worries. His eldest son’s child was a little… Strange, for lack of a better word for Charlie to call him. He’d always been quite immature, and dramatic. Charlie figured part of that was growing up without Romeo as a stabilising factor in his life, but Parker was naturally a drama queen anyway, so he doubted it would have made matters much different. Parker was a darker version of Romeo. Sure, he had that beautiful Brazilian appearance about him, but Charlie could see Romeo in Parker more than anything. It was in his shape, his eyes, the way his smile was always so gentle and loving. Parker was a good boy, and with the loss of his son, Charlie had wanted to protect the boy from anything that could possibly hurt him.

Unfortunately, with living so far away, Charlie found he couldn’t always protect Parker. That much was obvious when Charlie turned up at Eva’s house – Parker’s mother – for the Christmas holidays to see his beautiful grandson sporting finger-shaped bruises on his cheeks, and a split lip that looked particularly painful.

“Oh Parker, what happened?” Charlie exclaimed, his wrinkles deepening as he frowned, holding his arms out to the teenager and pulling him into a tight hug. Charlie ignored his daughter-in-law’s chortle as he examined Parker closely, brushing his rough fingers ever-so-gently against his smooth cheeks.

“Grandpa…” Parker was squirming in Charlie’s arms, his cheeks heating with a blush so bright that even with his sun-tanned skin, it could be easily seen. “I’m fine, really!” He was trying to pull back, but Charlie would have none of it, pulling Parker over to the sofa where he sat, pulling the boy to sit near his side and wrapping him into another hug. Parker was a touchy-feely kid, and Charlie had learnt to love the close contact with him. Both his parents had that trait.

“You’re not fine. Who did this to you?” Eva was once again laughing, and Charlie looked at her with a half-heated glare. Why didn’t she care that her boy was hurt? He’d always seen Eva as an attentive mother, but she just seemed amused at the situation.

“No one! I mean…” Parker was fumbling for how to reply, still blushing and refusing to look into his grandfather’s eyes. “It was my fault anyway!” That happened to be the worst thing to say to Charlie, and he bristled, wondering if the new boyfriend Parker had told him about on the phone had taken to abusing his grandson. Charlie felt the growl rumble deeply in his chest, his expression holding barely contained rage.

“Of course it’s not your fault! No one should ever hurt you! Was it that boy? Harvey or whatever his blasted name is?” Immediately, Parker’s eyes widened with a look of horror, and he shook his head in several hard movements.

“No, no Grandpa! Harly… He didn’t mean to! It isn’t so bad, really! I made him do it.” By now, Eva was practically wetting herself, trying to control her laughter. Charlie couldn’t take it anymore.

“What the bloody hell is going on here, Eva! You let this boy hurt your son?!”

“Charlie, calm down… You’re going to make yourself ill.” Eva replied between her giggles, her accent thick and tone unsuccessfully placating. “Charlie… Parker isn’t being abused. He’s just having…” She paused, and Charlie could see her thinking over what she was going to say to him. “A very, very passionate sexual relationship with Harlan Dahlman?”

Parker subsequent noise of mortification followed, and Charlie felt his own face heating up a bit. He ran a hand through his grey hair, looking over to his grandson again. “You…?”

“I like it rough, Grandpa…” Parker squeaked out, looking as if he wanted the floor to open up and swallow him whole. Charlie cleared his throat, standing from the chair, still flushing brightly.

“Oh. Right. Um, that’s good. I’m sorry I… Jumped to conclusions…” Charlie said awkwardly, shifting his weight from foot to foot. “Tea anyone?”

Parker groaned again.


Colton heynes cock is ready,


Colton heynes cock is ready,

GRRM, you are an evil, evil man. May a direwolf eat your cold heart. Sob. All the character deaths.

Merlin on his last day.

Merlin on his last day.

Also, Robb Stark and baby direwolves. Enough said.

Also, Robb Stark and baby direwolves. Enough said.